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Meijer Handling Solutions specializes in the production of logistical supply chain solutions which include attachments for mobile material handling equipment and stand-alone systems such as load transfer stations and more. Meijer Handling Solutions is world’s biggest manufacturer of hydraulic extendable lift truck forks called KOOI®REACHFORKS. The manufacturing operation is housed under the same roof as Meijer Metal, which serves as the primary component supplier to this division. This convenience not only complements quality for Meijer Handling Solutions but helps reduce costs, which is appreciated by end users and distributors.


Meijer Metal encompasses manufacturing expertise in both metal fabrication and logistical supply chain solutions. Meijer Metal specializes in the processing and construction of sheet, tube, stainless steel, aluminum metal materials making shafts, food related constructions, etc…along with a wide array of components for original equipment manufacturers and individual customers. The company is well known for providing the highest quality goods and services. Meijer Metal prides itself on maintaining its status as a state-of-the-art supplier using the latest high-tech equipment which helps the company meet and exceed customer expectations.

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